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What’s TKJ Technical Support :


Upgrade & Replacement

Upgrade :

CPU (Processor), RAM (Memory), HDD (Hardisk / SSD), ODD (DVD-RW / Blu-Ray), GPU (VGA Card), LCD (HD+ / Full HD), Network Adapter (WiFi Card).


Replacement :

Replace Motherboard, Replace LCD, Replace Keyboard and Touchpad, Replace Battery, Replace Power Adaptor, etc.


IT Service & Maintenance


Hardware :

(No Display, No Power, I/O Error, Barebone Case repair, etc.)


Software :

(Bluescreen, Bios Failure, Frequent Shutdown, Software crash, etc.)


Operating System :

Reinstall Operating System, Repair Operating System.


Network :

Web Server Build, Server Administrator, System Administrator, Wifi Setting, Server & Web Daily Monitoring.


Website :

Build a Website, Website Maintenance.


We Accept :

Notebook, Netbook (All Products), Desktop PC (Mini-PC, AIO PC, Built-up or Custom), Gadget  (Smartphones, Tablet PC, etc.)




* Dust Remover
* Recovery Service
* Game Optimization
* Driver and Registry Modding
* System Cloning and Data Transfer